M Grills C4 Portable Grill/ Firebox

The C4 is the perfect addition to any camper’s or tailgater’s arsenal. This fun cooker is designed slightly larger than an ammo can but very similar in appearance. Not only is it larger than an ammo can, but it’s roughly 20-lb construction  is also made of 12-gauge steel for the body and 304 stainless steel for the handle and hinges. The C4 is designed to work both as a portable grill as well as a mini portable fire pit. One of our favorite aspects of the C4 is that when you are finished using it you simply fasten the lid closed and it’ll snuff out the fire, thus saving still usable charcoal or wood and significantly reducing the risk of starting a fire.


C4- green and black color options- $125.00

There is no better way to truly test the new C4 portable grill/fire pit than with a trip up the canyon! Mmmm that sizzle!

Posted by Snider Bros Meats on Friday, July 13, 2018

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