Dear Valued Customers,

[Please note that, as of now, our store hours are Tuesday – Friday 11:00 am -4:00 pm.  Saturday 10:00 pm – 4:00 pm]

Owing to recent developments concerning the COVID-19 virus, we have sold out of nearly all our products. While we are fortunate to have the ability to bring in more product extremely quickly, our crew does need the appropriate time to prep, cut, and prepare these products for our customers.  Therefore, we will be opening our store later in the day to give us and our crew the adequate time to ensure the safety and quality, which you have come to trust and expect from our business. If, by chance, we are able to finish the work of preparing our product sooner, then we will also open our store to the public earlier in the day. We will inform our customers of updates through our email list, facebook, and instagram accounts. 

We have decided that we must go above and beyond what is expected of us to ensure both our customers’ and our crew’s safety. Due to this decision, we will no longer be selling ready-to-eat products (i.e. sandwiches, cold salads, hot lunches, baked beans, etc.) until further notice. 

In order for us to continue providing all of our customers with the resources they and their families need, it is essential that we eliminate every risk of COVID-19 reaching our store and our crew. Therefore, we once again ask that any customers who are sick, in any capacity, or who have come into contact with a person who is sick, do not visit our store until they have been cleared of any viruses or bacterial infections by medical professionals. At this time, we are taking curbside orders from our customers, as well as welcoming customers in the shop.

As a store, our priority is to ensure the safety and quality of the products we put out for our customers. Therefore, we will be eliminating certain products and services. Furthermore, we may shorten our business hours in order to give our crew ample time to prep product as well as to deep clean, disinfect, and sanitize all surfaces and equipment within our store. 

We genuinely wish for all our customers to stay safe and healthy! Our thoughts and prayers go out to those families who are struggling at this time. 


Snider Bros Meats Management

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    Snider Post author

    Hello Anthony,

    At this time we do not have the boneless chicken thighs. We have bone in leg quarters (thigh and drum) for $2.69 per lb or boneless chicken breast for $6.39 per lb.

    Rachael at Sniders Bros Meats

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