Holiday Orders At Snider’s

            Here at Snider’s we are all too familiar with the hectic and sometimes stressful nature of the holiday season and it is our goal to make your holiday feast simple, delicious and enjoyable. In order to do so we begin taking orders for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, typically a month to a month and a half, before each holiday. We are happy help each customer  who is placing an order to figure out just how much they will need as well as the options available for each different kind of order. At Snider’s we also offer printed out, tried and true cooking instructions for each of our major holiday items.

Due to the holiday’s being our busiest time of year and our limited space available to hold each order we only take orders for certain items. These items are prime ribs, turkeys, honey glazed hams, hams, turduckens, smoked turkey kiel breast, pork crown roast and party trays.

Prime Rib

We offer both the bone-in and boneless prime rib as options every holiday season. We cut each order by hand and will even offer to season the roasts for you with our complimentary house rub.

 For the Boneless prime rib our butchers suggest approximately ¾ a pound per person.

In terms of the Bone-In prime rib our butchers cut each order by rib, meaning that orders can be placed for either 2, 3, 4,or  5 ribs or as a whole prime rib. Typically each rib will feed 2 good sized eaters or 3 smaller eaters.  Our butchers also will ez-carve each roast which means that they cut the rib bones off 90% of the way and tie them back on making it easy to cut each roast after it has been cooked.dsc01964

 Honey Glazed Ham

Our Honey Glazed Hams are sold as either  half or whole hams. When whole the ham’s typically weigh between 14-16 pounds each. We glaze each ham by hand in shop every morning during the holiday season. A whole ham typically feeds 26-30 people whereas a half will feed around 13-15.



            During Christmas we will be selling Mary’s turkeys which are both fresh and  all natural turkeys without added hormones, preservatives, gmo’s, and antibiotics. We will sell them by weight ranges, 12/16 and 16/20, and we can cut them for a kiel breast, yielding the breast and wings only, and or bone out the breast completely, just be sure to let us know.


            While it’s name might sound a little silly the turducken is a simple and delicious holiday item that can easily become your next holiday tradition. First we bone out a turkey breast, some duck breast and chicken breast.  Next we lay down a layer of stuffing, either our apple almond or wild rice and mushroom, and then lay out the duck breast on top of that followed by yet another layer of stuffing and finished by the chicken breast. We will then tie each roast with a net and season it if desired. We sell the turduckens by weight ranges of 7/9 lbs, 10/12 lbs, 12/14 lbs and we recommend around ¾ lb per person.


Smoked Turkey Kiel Breast

            Each breast is brined and cured in house before they are smoked to a perfect golden brown. We sell each breast whole and the average weight is between 5-7 lbs.smoked-kiel-breast

Pork Crown Roast

            The Pork Crown Roast us where we take a french cut pork loin and cut/trim it in a way that allows us shape it into the shape of a crown. In order for us to properly make a crown roast we need to have at least a 10 rib roast. Each rib will weigh approximately ¾ of a lb and we recommend 1 rib per lighter to average eater and 2 ribs per larger eater.  The crown roast is also another popular item to have us season with our complimentary house rub.

Party Trays

            Our deli makes the party trays as delicious as they are beautiful. We offer a meat and cheese party tray, a vegetable party tray and a shrimp tray. Call in and ask for the deli to receive information on pricing as well as options for each tray.partytray

How to Place your order

            You can place your order by swinging into our store, which is located at 6245 S Highland, and speaking with one of our crew in person, or you can place it over the phone by giving us a call at 801-272-6469.  We will happily answer any questions you may have in regards to each order.


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