M Grills Smokers and Grills M1 & M36

When we look into bringing a new line of smokers and grills we look for quality, versatility and durability. These new smokers and grills have definitely met that criteria. M Grills is a small batch operation where each cooker is expertly handcrafted to ensure a quality build. Secondly the durability can be seen in how each cooker is made from at least 10-gauge steel, with their grates being made from ¼ inch stainless steel. In terms of versatility you’ll be hard pressed to find any other cooker that is as versatile and aesthetically pleasing as the M1 and M36 models.

Both the M1 and M36 models offer a double walled dedicated firebox that operates as a reverse flow smoker which promotes a more balanced distribution of heat and smoke throughout the whole smoker in all kinds of adverse weather conditions. Another amazing feature of these cookers is that the fuel source can be either a combination of wood and charcoal or strictly a wood burning, aka a stick burning smoker. On the M1 alone you can fit over 3 whole briskets! When you consider that this cooker is a legitimate wood burning smoker with a dedicated double walled firebox and 10-gauge steel and cooking capacity you’ll notice that if offers all the smoking capabilities of a traditional offset without the excessive bulk and hassle. Amazingly the opportunities and incredible versatility doesn’t end there when you take into account their functionality as grills.

Both cookers also offer a 2-zone charcoal grilling setup. Each is equipped with charcoal grating and a searing setup that rests directly below the grilling grates. To operate this feature, you simply use a solid steel hand crank to raise and lower your bed of charcoal in order to adjust your temperature. This smoker really is also a fully functional grill unlike most pellet grills which cannot even reach a legitimate searing temperature. There are several reasons why we believe that these cookers are some of the best backyard smokers on the market.

With the influx of cheap pellet smokers saturating the market we have learned from our customer base as well as our own experience what it is that people are looking for in a smoker. The most common complaints we hear about other smokers is that they are not durable and not wholly reliable. With all pellet smokers you are painfully dependent upon a stable energy source, decent weather conditions, small and often fragile parts that wear out over time (ie: heating rods, auger pins, wiring that can easily come loose). The truth is that some people set a temperature on a digital control and simply pray that their cooker will actually do as its asked. Our new smokers are an answer to these concerns.

The M1 and M16 are not only more reliable but also more durable and versatile. With these cookers you control the temperature by hand giving you ultimate control over not only the temperature and cook rate, but also the smoke output. In the end the success of the cook doesn’t fall prey to faulty wiring, misplaced meat probes, a broken auger, winter temperatures or inaccurate thermometers. Being made from a minimum of 10-gauge steel ensures a durability that is rarely seen in any residential or commercial cooker. Unlike most other smokers the M1 and M36 can actually grill and legitimately sear as if you were cooking on a high-end grill.

Swing on in the shop today and check out these new smokers/grills!

Pricing info


M1 Smoker/Grill-$2499.00


  • smoker/grill
  • Cover
  • Additional upper rack
  • Grate removal tools
  • Thermometer

M36 Smoker/Grill-$3400.00


  • Smoker/grill
  • Additional upper rack
  • Grate removal tools


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