From grilling the most delicious steak you’ve ever put in your mouth, to cold smoking gourmet style cheeses, the MAK 2 Star General gives you the widest variety of cooking options available on a pellet grill. For instance, you may use the FlameZone™ to expertly grill steaks, chops, burgers, etc;  in the Warmer/Smoker box, you can easily cold smoke anything, infusing it with delicate hardwood smoke flavor; or you may decide to smoke a brisket or some ribs in the main chamber. Its  stainless steel construction offers unparalleled stability and durability.

       Mak has also taken things one major step forward with the introduc2-startion of the Flashfire ignition system. This new ignition system replaces the typical steel heating element, found in most pellet smokers, and replaces it with a ceramic element. The Flashfire ignition system is capable of heating up to over 2000 degrees. The end result of the Flashfire system is a heating element that gets your smoker up in temp in around half the amount of time is will last for around twice as many fires as your conventional heating element. 

       The customer service is just as remarkable as the product Mak creates. For instance, unlike many of their competitors, your typical phone companies and car manufactures  the Mak 1 and 2 stars are designed in such a way that they are upgrade-able. By this we mean that when Mak develops something new, ie: the Flashfire ignition system, they also fabricate it to fit inside and work with the older models of their smokers.  

        We also carry the 1 Star General smoker. The 1 Star upholds the same durability and quality that the 2 Star offers, as shown by being rated as one of ‘s  top ten Best Value Smokers every year since 2013.  While it doesn’t sport the full stainless steel construction, full flame zone or cold smoke box, it is one of the highest quality pellet smokers on the market. 

         Just like with the 2 Star General smoker any upgrades and developments made by Mak are fabricated to fit in the older models. This means the even the 1 Star smokers do use the new FlashFire ignition system.


All MAK GRILLS products are 100% American made! 

If you have any questions feel free to swing on into our shop or give us a call!

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