Go classic this Thanksgiving by roasting, smoking, or deep frying your family a moist, delicious, and golden Turkey.  Our fresh all-natural turkeys from come from Mary’s. These turkeys are GMO and antibiotic free and have no added-hormones or preservatives. We sell them by weight ranges from 12-16 lbs, 16-20 lbs, and 20-24 lbs.   We can de-bone these birds for an additional $10.00 fee.  Or if you are looking for white-meat only we do offer the Keil Breast for $6.39 per lb.

Be sure to also grab some of our delicious turkey gravy and turkey brine when you come in to get your turkey.

27 comments on “Pre-reserve for Thanksgiving: Mary’s Fresh All-Natural Thanksgiving Turkeys $3.69 per lb (Keil Breast $6.39 per lb)

    Snider Post author

    Thanks for reaching out! The smallest size range we offer for a whole bird is 12-16lb, but we can also do a kiel breast; the bone in breast portion of the turkey, that would be closer to 8lbs.

I have tried for 3 days to call and your phone is busy. Is there any way you can call or email me as I’d like to place an order for a 12-16 lb turkey. 435.602.2950. Thank you!!!!

Are your turkeys brined already? If not I would like to request a turkey in the 16-20 pound range, on the bigger side if possible. When will I pick this up?

    Snider Post author

    Unfortunately our last day to take orders was yesterday. We always order extra turkeys and do have walk-in availability. The turkeys are not brined. You can come in as early as Friday/Saturday and cook your turkey for Thanksgiving. Or you can come Monday Nov 23 .

    Snider Post author

    The turkeys are fresh. They are transported in from CA and get a nice blast of CO2 which creates a shell of protection. You should be ready to go for brine or cooking.

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