Meet the Mgrills M16

         This grill is no laughing matter, much like the gun it is named after, as its design was a collaborative effort between Mgrills and the 2016 World Steak Cook Off Champions.

Some of our favorite features on this grill is would be its portability, durability and simplicity. The main body of the grill separates into three different sections, the base, lower body and lid all easily separate which makes this grill incredibly portable. The way it separates enables it to tag along to everything from tailgate parties to camp outs! Additionally, the separation between the main body and the base allows it to become a table top grill when patio space becomes limited. The genius behind the whole construction of these grills isn’t limited to their portability but can also be seen in their durability.

Simply lifting the lid will testify to the durability of this cooker. Its whole body and base is made from 12 gauge steel. Further, Mgrills goes over every bolted joint on the body with additional welding ensuring that this grill can withstand the test of time.  Even the paint they use on the exterior is rated to handle temperatures over 1200°F, which is way beyond a reasonable and safe grilling temperature. While the whole construction of this grill is incredibly intelligent and well thought out the use of this grill couldn’t be any simpler.

To operate this grill, one simply adjusts the four different air drafts located on the body to regulate the air flow. We personally prefer using a charcoal chimney to light our grills. While charcoal may take a little longer to fully light and heat up than a gas grill there are certain benefits to cooking with a charcoal grill as opposed to a gas grill.

People are switching from gas back to charcoal grills for several reasons. For instance by removing the need for gas as a fuel source this grill is far more portable than its gas counterparts.  Another reason is that charcoal grills can reach higher temps than typical gas grills leading to better searing and thus the moisture retention within the grilled cuts. Additionally there is a unique flavor given off by charcoal cookers that is almost reminiscent of smoked meats that many have come to attribute to real bbq.

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