Now Taking Easter Orders

Easter is just around the corner and we are taking orders. You can place an order in person, call or text 801-272-6469, or email us at [email protected] Quantities are limited and orders are taken by availability. Orders by text or email will be confirmed with a response and need to have your name, desired item, quantity/weight, phone number, and date of pick-up.

The items we take orders for are:

  • Honey Glazed Spiral Cut Ham: Our Honey Glazed Spiral-Cut Hams are the perfect centerpiece for your Easter table and will have your guest ‘hopping’ up to grab a slice. Our hams are glazed to perfection in a beautiful cross between rich golden brown and deep amber that will make your mouth water. Each ham is glazed in-house by our highly qualified and amazing crew members. We have have acquired generations of the expertise glazing these family favorites.  They are sure to make your guest say “wow”.   We sell our hams as either whole (approx. 17-19  lbs) or half hams (approx. 7-8 lbs).
  • Boneless Prime Rib Roast: For the pure carnivores out there, Prime Rib Roast are known as the Kings Cut Roast and able to feed large and small families alike. This Easter we have our Boneless Prime Ribs available for orders. Our Prime Rib roasts are highly marbled, tender, and packed with flavor. The Boneless roasts are cut to your desired weight. We also offer to season each roast with our complimentary house rub. Be sure to grab our in-house beef au jus made with our own beef drippings or try our hunter sauce—a red wine reduction made with onions and mushrooms—along with your roast this year. Pick up our fresh horseradish to make your own horseradish sauce.
  • Lamb Leg: Lamb Leg is a traditional Easter meal.  Our lamb comes from domestic small farms  located in Park City and Colorado.  These legs are rich in flavor and are  of the highest quality. Each leg is semi boneless and are sold as either wholes (7-9 lb) or in half and our butchers will happily de-bone, tie or butterfly your roast for you.
    We are also happy to offer our house seasoning to make life a little easier.
  • Pork Crown Roast: Seeking and finding hidden eggs can be hard…. It doesn’t take an expert egg-hunter to find this treasure. Simply elegant, the Pork Crown roast is an iconic classic. With its stunning appearance and full flavor, the Pork Crown Roast is delicious and is a simple dish to prepare.  The smallest size we offer is a 10-rib crown roast, approximately 5-7lbs. We will happily season the roast with our delicious house rub. As a culinary tip, pick up some stuffing to add in the center of your roast and really amaze your family.
  • Party Trays: Our deli staff makes some of the most visually stunning and tasty party trays you will ever see. We offer a meat and cheese tray as well as a cocktail shrimp tray. The meat tray comes with our deli-sliced roast beef, smoked turkey, and ham as well as cheddar, swiss, and provolone cheeses. Each tray is $5.50 per person (minimum of 10 people). The shrimp tray comes with approximately 3lbs of delicious shrimp with one cocktail sauce and is $70.00 per tray.

We are unable to reserve miscellaneous items; such as lamb chops, chicken cordon bleu, steaks, bacon, etc. Orders placed for pick up on Saturday April 8th need to be picked  up prior to 2:00 pm. 

Prepare ahead of time by picking up your Snider’s beef au jus, gravy, horseradish, Quiche Lorraine, and and frozen Schmidt’s rolls today! 

To best serve our customers in a limited space, we may have a line outside and ask that you dress appropriately for the weather.    We will be limiting customers in the store and will have a line outside, please dress appropriately for the weather. 

Thanks for shopping with us!

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