With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it’s never too early to plan ahead and order your favorite holiday meal!

Special Order items include…

  • Mary’s Fresh All-Natural Turkeys:  range sizes 12-16, 16-20, and 20-24 lbs; these turkeys are GMO free, antibiotic free, and have no added-hormones or preservatives.
  • Tur-duck-ens:  made with Duck, Chicken, and Turkey breast with your choice of Apple Almond or Wild Rice Stuffing
  • Honey Glazed Spiral Sliced Hams
  • Pork Crown Roast
  • Boneless Prime Rib Roasts
  • Party Trays: Meat and Cheese or a Shrimp tray
  • Smoked Sweetheart Turkey Breast

Call to place your order at 801-272-6469.


18 comments on “Now taking Thanksgiving Orders

Why, Good Morning.

How much for a 12-16 LB Prebaked Turkey on Thangsgiving, please? Or would it be wiser to p/u the day b4, then reheat?
Thank You, Happy Holiday’s. 🙂

    Snider Post author

    Hi Jonathan,
    The 12- 16 lbs Turkeys are not cooked. They are $3.69 per lbs. The only cooked items we have are the Smoked Sweetheart Breast at $9.95 per lbs and the Honey Glazed Hams at $7.59 per lbs. Give us a call at 801-272-6469 and we can take your order.

Question on the Turduckens. Are these pre cooked or pre arranged for cooking at home? Do you give instructions if so? Never had one but we are thinking about it this year. Can you give me more details on sizes. Price, and cooking ?

    Snider Post author

    Hi Scott! The Turduckens are amazing. We have the 7-9lbs and 10-12lbs range sizes. You choose between an Apple Almond and a Wild Rice dressing, each breast has a layer of stuffing in-between and jet netted together. They are not pre cooked. To cook you rub olive oil on the skin and your seasoning. Then bake at 350 degrees axp 2-4 hours. Tent with foil for the first bit and remove to brown for the last 30-40 mins. Pull out win the internal temperature is at least 165 degrees.

    Snider Post author

    That is something we do not take orders for. But Starting next week you can call us at 801-272-6469 and we can tell you if we have some turkey legs available or come in the week of thanksgiving and we should be able to get you some. You do have to purchase the whole leg quarter (thig and drum).

Hi, I was wondering if you could provide more detail on what the Kiel turkey breast is? In the past I have bought frozen turkey breasts from the grocery store that are on the rib cage with backbone, etc (basically the turkey without legs and thighs). Is that what this is?

I ordered a turkey 20-24 and I have had some people cancel and would like to know if I can have a 16-20 deboned….with the $10.00 charge for deboning….
Still pick up Tuesday November 24 when you open….
Please let me know…
Thank you bj martin

Have been calling for hours to order a 12-16 lb turkey. Cannot get through. Are your phone lines out of order ? Do I need to come in person to order ?

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