Smoked Turkey

       When done right a smoked turkey is so juicy and flavorful that you’ll swear you’ve gone to heaven. While there are allot of different ways to smoke a turkey here is our favorite. We love this recipe due to its incredibly simple nature that doesn’t compromise on quality.


  1. 1 whole turkey
  2. Snider’s traditional turkey brine
  3. 2 gallons of water (for brine) (optional: substitute 1 gallon of water with 1 gallon of apple juice)
  4. 1-3 sticks of butter (1-2 melted and mixed with rub for an injection and 1 for inside the cavity of the turkey)
  5.  Your favorite poultry seasoning, (if you don’t have one or are looking for something new come check out our huge assortment of rubs)
  6. 2 apples (optional)
  7. 2 oranges (optional)


  1. Brine your turkey overnight. For added flavor use half water, half apple juice for your brine.
  2. Inject for deep flavor using your favorite poultry rub and butter.
  3. Coat the exterior of the turkey with softened butter and heavily season. We like to place a couple of split apples and oranges into the cavity of the turkey along with a stick of butter.
  4. Cook at 275 degrees, after 2 to 3 hours for smaller birds and 3 to 4 for larger birds, baste and tightly cover your turkey with foil for one hour. This will render your skin and produce that bite through tenderness.  Remove the foil and continue to cook for approximately one hour.
  5. Using a meat thermometer check internal temps (breast 160/165 – thigh 170/175.

*Woods of choice for turkeys are hickory, pecan, cherry and apple. We like to blend our wood, our favorite is pecan with cherry.
*Resting is an important step in having delicious, tender moist meat. Rest your turkey 30 to 60 minuets before carving.
*For an added twist and an authentic BBQ style turkey, you may glaze your turkey with your favorite BBQ sauce.

Cooking times will vary.  Sniders assumes no responsibility and provides this tip sheet as only a suggestion.

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