Street Tacos

These tacos are so good you might find yourself doing the salsa on the way to your second and third helping.

Prep Time: 1 ½ hours

Cook Time: 5-15 minutes (depending on the thickness of the meat)

Servings: 4-6


  • 2lbs flank steak
  • 1/3 cup white vinegar
  • 2/3 cup soy sauce
  • 2-2 ½ limes juiced
  • 1 /2 cup olive oil
  • 5 garlic cloves minced
  • 1 ½ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp coarse ground black pepper
  • 1 tsp ground white pepper (add another ½-1 tsp for more heat)
  • 1 tsp granulated garlic
  • 1-1/2 tsp chili powder
  • 1 tsp dried oregano
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1lb Snider’s fresh salsa (optional for a topping)
  • Colby Jack Cheddar Jack cheese grated (optional for topping)


  1. Season the flank steak with the salt, black and white pepper, garlic, chili powder, oregano and cumin. It’s easier to mix the seasoning ingredients together before seasoning the meat. Set the seasoned steak aside for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  2. Combine the white vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, oil and lime juice in a bowl then whisk together until thoroughly mixed.
  3. After the seasoned steak has rested for at least 30 minutes place it into a large sealable bag or baking dish and pour the marinade over the meat. Be sure to flip the steak atleast once so that all sides come into contact with the marinade. Allow the steak to marinate for at least 1 hour or for as long as 8 hours in the fridge. Make sure the bag is sealed tightly or that the baking dish is covered either a plastic wrap or lid.
  4. Cut the steak into thin strips or small cubes.
  5. Heat a large skillet with your choice of cooking oil (we prefer our rendered beef tallow) over a medium heat. Then cook the meat (5-15 minutes depending on the thickness and size of each cube or strip) turning the meat periodically so as to evenly cook each side.
  6. Serve on warm corn or flour tortillas and top with the cheese and salsa.

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